Aerial Sanitiser & Dispensers

Aerial Sanitiser

Introducing the Corvus Pure Aerial Sanitiser.

A one-of-a-kind aerial sanitation solution for indoor spaces. Made using an innovative cold-air micro-mist diffusion system.

Our system is an “always-on” air sanitiser, intended for continuous effective use. Unlike air purifiers, which filter or trap particles within the circulation, air sanitisers can act on airborne microorganisms in open interior spaces. In essence, a circulating air purifier will take significant time to treat a sneeze or cough generated pathogenic. Corvus Pure Aerial solutions on the other hand, when maintained at the correct homogeneous concentration, treat the entire air volume within minutes. Our sanitising systems are more than simple air fresheners used to fragrance the room. The solution they contain has known antimicrobial properties, with ingredients that define how clean and sanitised air should smell.

Our system works well in all spaces, especially those where airborne contagions pose a significant risk. These include medical facilities, such as doctors’ waiting rooms and hospitals. As well as places of communal gathering like homes, classrooms, offices, and retail stores.


Residential / Small office units
Our standard residential aerial sanitising unit is the Roma Resi. It can be used in a car (if requested) through a standard 12V outlet or in your home, as it comes. Our systems and sanitisation solutions can be bought online as required.

Our systems are easily controlled and navigated with our convenient app, available on the Google Play or Apple App store.

Our units are designed to be used for either Corvus Pure Liquid.

What do they cost?

Our Roma Resi units are a once-off cost. When purchasing the unit, it will come prefilled.



          System Features

  • Lightweight, robust units
  • Operating levels set based on cubic meters and air saturation levels
  • Effective odour neutraliser
  • Programmable on and off times for full automation
  • Uses innovative cold air micro-mist diffusion system
  • Refill cartridges despatched to your door
  • Fluid levels managed with proprietary FMS to ensure your system doesn’t run dry 



  • According to published research, 0.17 grams per 1000 cubic feet is the smallest concentration of
  • our active ingredient required to kill 95% of airborne Staphylococcus within ten minutes. In fact, it only takes four minutes for the SOH Pure Aerial sanitising system to deliver this required amount of nebulized vapours.
  • The EPA recognises our active ingredient vapours as a safe and effective air sanitiser, capable of reducing the number of airborne bacteria.
  • The vapours will settle on surfaces, simultaneously performing surface and air decontamination.
  • According to the US EPA, “the agency has no risk concerns with respect to human exposure”.
  • There are no indications of special sensitivities of infants or children resulting from exposure to the active ingredients.
  • The vapours have no known effect on fabrics or other surfaces.

How do the commercials work?

You buy the unit for £ p.o.a  and own it

Quarterly subscription of £ p.o.a by Invoice/Standing order (depending on volume of room) for the top up fluid which we post out to you quarterly for self top up


You can also have one of our SIM CARD monitored systems with optional full service so we top up for you. ask for a quote for this service.

If you need Product and data sheets or for a full demonstration either on site or via ZOOM or TEAMS please do not hesitate to contact Tristan, Andy or Elliot

Battery Powered Cordless Fogger

Corvus PURE Battery Fogger machine is simple to use and easy to reload with our EPA approved non-toxic solution.

Using the same technology as our Aerial Sanitiser units this machine (unlike others) uses a solution that is non-harmful and suitable for food prep areas.  You can use this fogger and solution and return to the staff and customers to the space immediately.  This device works with your PURE Aerial Sanitiser fluid so is a great accompaniment to the units being able to clean a van cab in under 30 seconds it is very time efficient and gets into places sprays and wipes cannot.

Please ask for details..  Happy to demo via facetime, Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp in a variety of situations…



  • Charger Included
  • 1hr continuous use between charges
  • 1 year back to base warranty
  • Designed and metered to deliver the Corvus PURE solution
  • Uses non-toxic food safe sanitiser
  • Immediately re occupy fogged areas
  • Not damaging to plastics, leather or car interiors

Enquire now…

Other Products we are providing…

Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser Stands (Custom Branded)

All CORVUS clients are being offered a local and ongoing supply of hand sanitiser and these great UK MADE hand sanitiser dispensers which we can deliver 7 Days from agreed artwork, delivered ready to use with sanitiser as required.

These can take either GEL or RUB (liquid) and we have this sourced in bulk from a local supplier who is distilling 80% Alcohol content sanitiser rub. The dispenser does not need a specific brand of sanitiser so if we or you change product to guarantee continuance of the unit, there is no issue and also no waste of your existing stocks.

The dispensers are NO TOUCH, an Infra Red sensor triggers a measured dose keeping the product from being wasted also reducing the risk of transmission.

This project is further supporting the local economy and giving us a guaranteed supply, something which we all need to be able to return to normality.
You can place dispensers on entry to your workplace, business, retail or staff areas and they are a professional and easy to maintain solution to what is a unique challenge for us all.

Floor Standing Dispenser

hand sanitiser dispenser

Some technical information for you…

• Bespoke branding
• Made in the UK
• Accepted Design to delivery 7 days
• 1L hand sanitiser mounted dispenser
• Refillable
• Automatic dispensing
• Free standing
• Freestanding hand sanitiser dispenser for offices/the workplace with non-alcohol/alcohol gel (subject to requirement).
• Included in cost is a bespoke and free colour and graphic design.
• Weekly or monthly hand sanitiser refills available upon request cost dependent on quantity and regularity.
• Lead time from order to delivery is circa 7 – 15 days
• Up to 4 units per pallet
• Automatic dispenser size 1L
• Fully refillable
• Height 1.5m by 45cm Width
• Battery powered dispenser

Couhand sanitiser and dispensernter Top


  • Cost includes unit fully branded in your company colours/imagery
  • Included in cost is a bespoke and free colour and graphic design.
  • Weekly or monthly hand sanitiser refills available upon request cost dependent on quantity and regularity.
  • Leadtime from order to delivery is circa 10 – 15 days
  • Far less risk of cross contamination due to unit being automatic dispense unlike pump or push versions.
  • Base power coating can be matched to any required colour
  • Mild steel construction. Lightweight yet robust and sturdy
  • Managed sanitiser dispense rate saving cost of sanitiser
  • UK Designed and Manufactured

Tech specs

  • Up to 4 units per pallet
  • Refillable and locked CE approved automatic batter-operated hand sanitiser dispenser unit
  • 1L capacity with 1.5ml dispense rate per use
  • Automatic dispenser size 1L
  • Power coated mild steel construction
  • Vinyl graphics applied as requested
  • Unit size – 28.5cm V x 20cm D c 56.5cm H
  • Fully refillable
  • Battery powered dispenser
  • Each pump = 1.5ml of sanitiser
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to move and wipe down clean
  • Weight is 4/75kg
  • Payment Terms
  • Upfront prior to design and dispatch
  • Deliver per 4 units (1 pallet)
  • Delivery for more than 4 units, subject to qty

We are able to deliver any volume of sanitiser for you, please ask…

For pricing of our UK Made Dispensers and North Wales made Sanitiser, please ask as there is possible discount available for bulk purchase.

Sanitiser meets BS EN 1276 and BS EN 14476 and is locally distilled.

Our locally distilled and manufactured hand sanitiser (Handrub) has been produced to the recommended formula provided by the World Health Organisation at 80% alcohol.

Our locally manufactured hand sanitiser (Handrub) has passed testing for BS EN 1276:2019 and BS EN

We deal direct with client (businesses / organisations). We are not selling to distributers nor ebay sellers or amazon sellers just direct to businesses.  We pledge that if our material / sanitiser prices go down this will be passed on to our clients.

CORVUS is only at this time offering the products in 5Ltr and 10Ltr  containers.

We are able to offer any quantity of 5Ltr / 10Ltr containers needed… (For businesses we may be able to offer personal 200ML / van size 500ML pump bottles – Not for general public.. please ask)


We can supply a whole years worth of the product for your business in one delivery so you can relax knowing you have done what you can in the fight against COVID19 /Coronavirus.