Location Support

What’s on offer above and beyond security duties….

  • Maintaining a good working relationship with the location owner – informing them what is happening, we are also on call to assist them with any pressing issues 24/7 offering friendly support.
  • Helping the Location department with any problems they have day or night security or non security related.Filling water bowsers, fueling tower lights, re stocking toilets and more.
  • Arranging post-shoot clean and litter pick of the location or set.
  • Litter Collection is also available as part of our service, none of our team will walk past a piece of litter.  We also have cleaning staff and general support staff available when required.  All staff are aware of our environmental policy.
  • Our team is able to set up and locate tower lighting, offer support with water bowsers and fencing if required.  We can also supply towers and bowsers.
  • Banksmen duties offering assistance for large lorries, escorting vehicles etc.
  • We can always be on site 24/7 to allow you and your team to continue with your hectic schedule.