Clash of the Titans

As the Location manager working on a major feature film for Warner Bros. I researched all SIA Licensed Security companies in north and mid Wales for our then forthcoming project in Gwynedd and Anglesey.


A shortlist of 3 companies was soon arrived at and after negotiations it became obvious that one company – Corvus was way out in the lead in all areas. I found Corvus Security to be extremely professional in all our dealings and they were subsequently awarded the 3 month contract, I was just a little concerned that they didn’t fully appreciate the enormity of the job that was to unfold.


My concerns were unfounded, I was impressed with Corvus from Day 1. The staff they supplied were very smart and were all good quality people. We were working on property owned by various local and national government departments and a major Hydro electricity supplier. There were many rules and regulations to be observed and the sites were normally open to the public, in addition our filming was to take place at the height of the School holiday season.


As well as sites being secured, a massive PR job had to be undertaken, for the first time ever some major public footpaths were officially closed to help us and large areas were declared out of bounds to climbers, runners, walkers etc. The majority of the men and women Corvus supplied were Welsh speaking which was a great advantage and they coped with dealing with the public in their firm but friendly way admirably.


At the height of our filming we had almost 400 crew, major international actors and hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment to look after, on difficult terrain and in atrocious weather conditions. In addition they had to deal with paparazzi, helicopters, farmers and their sheep flocks on a daily basis along with many, many other unforeseen situations. Corvus set up and operated one-way traffic systems with great success equipping themselves with their own radio communication systems.


I was continually impressed by Corvus, the management were available at any time and kept a close eye on operations in what was a difficult project. I have no hesitation in recommending the company and look forward to working with them again in the future.