Car Parking Management

#TeamCorvus will normally arrive a number of days prior to your event to prepare the site and layout the car parks to a pre agreed plan, calculated and measured using a scientific approach.

On leaving their cars, our parking personnel are often the first people your visitors will meet on foot, so, as with all our staff, we take care to ensure they are well presented in uniform and fully briefed to be able to assist your visitors with their enquiries quickly and professionally.  On arrival your customers will be directed to a car parking space quickly and efficiently.  Corvus staff are easily identified by their uniform and PPE and will make every effort to assist your visitors with any questions they may have.

At the end of your event the Corvus team can manage the egress of cars with good communication and queue management to keep visitors happy at this busy time.

In the event of extreme weather you can rest assured we have the experience in dealing with such issues (being based in a heavy weather area and having vast experience in this over ten years).

We are more than happy to be involved in the site selection to avoid or mitigate against such issues in the first instance and have delivered our services to some of the worlds trickiest sites.

Detailed plans for event car parking services are prepared with manned points, marshals, equipment (pins, rope, cones, …) and signage to create the most efficient and safe use of the parking areas available, including:

  • Accessible parking
  • motorcycle parking
  • VIP parking
  • attendees’ parking
  • artists’ parking areas
  • production parking (pre, during and post-event)
  • staff/crew parking areas

The plans are designed in conjunction with our other services Traffic Management, CSAS, Admission Control, Security, Crowd Management and Stewarding to ensure a fully integrated, streamlined operation, with services scaled to the needs of your event/venue.

In particular, directing them safely to the nearest admission control point, indicating local amenities and, of course, being ambassadors for your event, are all of paramount importance… as is getting performers, staff and crew to and from their locations as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible.

Clear systems of communication are established to ensure our parking staff are kept up-to-date so they can keep your visitors informed.

Corvus has also got the ability to deploy ANPR camera systems for the purpose of monitoring vehicles entering and leaving the site, for both statistical and security reasons.